Workstation Equipment Specialist Cleaning

The superhighways for bacteria are hands and the surfaces we touch. The cleaning of laptops, computers, telephones and other peripheral items is not always given high priority within offices so the bacteria build up can go unchecked. Attending to this matter by a regular wipe down with a normal cloth will not adequately address the issue and might subsequently cause a myriad of problems.

Digi-clean technicians will clean dirty IT equipment to a standard that ensures the reduction of annoying faults such as sticking keys and slipping mice. Many of our clients comment how much better their equipment operates after being cleaned. Laptop cleaning and computer cleaning will also help reduce electronic waste. Many keyboards and mice are discarded every year: often all that is needed is a good clean.

Our Service Offering Includes:
On The Go
One-off specialist cleaning of workstation hardware per request.
Basic Regular Cleaning
Scheduled cleaning of digital asset hardware on a regular basis.
Deep Regular Cleaning
Our technicians are qualified and experienced in deep cleaning both exterior and interior of digital assets including out-of-warranty equipment
Benefits Of These Services
Increase digital equipment lifespan and availability
of IT equipment

Breakages and unnecessary downtime can occur if the equipment is not cleaned and maintained properly.

Reduce risk of invalidating equipment

Most vendors and insurance require evidence of proper maintenance over time.

Mitigate fire risks

Debris, grime and dirt combined with static sparks could lead to fires.

Improve staff productivity

The health of staff is directly and positively affected if they work on clean and sanitised environments