Did you know…?

That workstation equipment can collect grime, dirt, bacteria, mould, fungi and live viruses, to the extent that it can be 14 times higher in germs than the office toilet seat?Workstations form an integral component that keeps your company functioning therefore it makes good business sense to keep workstations clean, free from dust, bacteria and in good working condition.

Service Description

We offer two options for this service:

  • Basic Cleaning – Specialist cleaning of the exterior of all workstation equipment.
  • Deep Cleaning – In addition to exterior cleaning, our technicians are qualified and experienced to clean the interior of your out of warranty digital equipment. We also offer dry misting services to disinfect the workstation area.

* We recommend a minimum of 4 basic cleaning sessions and 2 deep cleaning sessions per annum. In the advent of the current Coronavirus pandemic we recommend more regular cleaning. We are happy to discuss possible requirements based on the size and structure of your business. Please read our article published in MyBroadband on 16 March 2020 for more information on the Coronavirus.

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Benefits of this service

  1. Increasing IT equipment lifespan – workstation equipment will collect grime, dirt, fungi and moulds over time. Breakages and unnecessary downtime can occur if IT equipment is not cleaned and maintained properly.
  2. Improving staff productivity – the health of staff is directly and positively affected if they work on cleaner,healthier workstations. Colds and flu will be harder to catch in clean and sanitised environments.