Multipurpose Sanitiser - Ecolyte (NTL)

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ECOLYTE NTL is a powerful environmentally friendly (composed of 99.69% water) solution that is extremely effective against bacteria, viruses and other harmful pathogens. It is used to sterilise food and water as well as floors, walls, tools machinery and food preparation areas.

  • As powerful at killing viruses and bacteria as any available solution
  • Has no effect on colour, taste and texture when applied
  • Completely safe for the environment, humans and animals (99.69% water)
  • No permit needed for transport or storage
  • Masks odour(Hides Odour)
  • Can be applied directly to food products to protect ; with no side affects
  • Eventually returns to a completely natural state of salt and water

Manufactured under license for ECA Technologies.

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