Managed Services

What Is Data Centre Operations Outsourcing?
Digiclean offers clients managed service relationships that involve the day-to-day management responsibility for data centres or host platforms. Our services include any combination (or all) of professional services and product support that relate to the ongoing management of computing and storage resources. Our team of Technicians, Engineers and Project Managers will partner with you to ensure you have the expert knowledge and experience required to successfully manage and maintain your data centres. Digiclean will seamlessly integrate into your organisation and we have the ability to adapt our services, teams and commercial structures to meet your needs.
Why Outsource Data Centre Operations?
Cost Optimisation

Operating in-house Data Centre solutions can become very expensive very quickly, for example, power and cooling demands of data centre equipment can become a challenge to manage efficiently. Cost control becomes extremely imperative - and outsourcing overheads such as recruitment and training costs then becomes an attractive alternative.

Gain Access To Specialist IT Resources

Reduce the need for specialist resources by leveraging Digiclean's highly specialist staff, expertise and capabilities - equally, you can can also reduce the burden of tactical management and focus on strategic decision making and activities.

Free Up Internal IT teams

By reducing the day-to-day maintenance activities, your in-house IT team can focus on core applications and deliverables and leave the day-to-day data center operations to Digi-clean. Our approach also allows you to level out cyclical or seasonal fluctuations in staff requirements.

Accelerate Digital Transformation Programs

When you outsource all your non-critical functions to Digi-clean, your organisation remains focused on critical roles during digital transformation programmes.

Improve Customer Focus

Internal IT staff's responsiveness can be adversely impacted by multiple competing requirements and many demands. Outsourcing your non-core activities to Digiclean, you can rest easy and focus on delivering quality services to your customers and ensure your organisation's profitability.

Myths And Misconceptions Of Outsourcing Data Centre Operations
Outsourcing Data Centre Operations Is Costly

When assessing costs customers typically compare the outsourcing contract with their current data center operational costs. Outsourcing will often present a cost savings from that exercise alone - Digi-clean guarantees this outcome to all its clients. Digi-clean ensures that clients only buy what they need - we do not bundle our services together into a product offering as you may not need all of them. We partner with clients to design a service package that meets their needs and budgets.

Outsourcing Increases Risk

The perception of increased security and business risk can be a significant barrier to the decision to outsource. Digi-clean mitigates this in 2 ways:
1. All our staff members are permanent employees (not sub-contractors) and therefore we can assure training and certification on operational best practices, standards compliance, technologies and processes.
2. Additionally, we arrange secondments of some of your own staff as part of the outsourcing agreement to ensure full collaboration and integration of our processes.

Increased Brand Reputation Risks

Brand risk is the potential financial and reputational damage associated with an event that impacts your customers, such as a data center outage. Digi-clean manages this risk by service level agreements (SLAs) that are consistent with your level of tolerance for brand risk.

Outsourcing Limits Control And Visibility

Digi-clean becomes an integral part of your organisation - we'll track technical and financial key performance indicators (KPIs) and report such operational metrics at agreed intervals or in real time. We encourage clients to appoint a project manager to work alongside our senior staff to ensure joint decision making , project steering and retention of control.