We offer a wide range of cabling solutions such as smart network cabling, tidying up cables, Wifi installation and improvement. Additionally, we can also support CCTV Installations and server room installations.

    1. Cable Management

We help organise and manage cables in your home/office concealing all the untidy cables.

With neat cables:

    • You can prevent office accidents.
    • You can maximize the efficiency and performance of your network.
    • When you expand or change your business, more telephone and IT equipment are added.
    • The risk of downtime is diminished.
    • Your downtimes will be solved faster, cheaper and more efficiently.
    • You will save time and money in the long run.

     2.  Network Cabling

Hard wired cables are still the best way to connect devices on a network because of their reliability.  Unlike Wi-Fi which is subject to interference, cables are guaranteed to gives you a constant connection to your server, printer and other devices.  We provide high-quality installations at the best prices.

Our cabling services include:

    • Network design services
    • CAT 5/6 cabling
    • Fibre links
    • Patch panel installation
    • Neatening up old installations
    • Fault finding
    • Labelling
    • Server room installation
    • Data and voice