Asset Refurbishment & Disposal

IT Equipment Refurbishment For Extended Use

IT equipment in poor condition or that is aged and out of warranty can have a huge negative impact on your organisation’s productivity and bottom line. Refurbishment can lead to significant cost savings, when planned and carried out for the right equipment, at the right time and by the right people. Miss the mark on any one of these vital criteria and it may be a costly and fruitless exercise. Using data-driven approaches, Digi-clean offers clients refurbishment support in many ways;


Documenting the condition of the equipment, including full historical information about their operation and lifetime projections (end-of-life estimation).


Training programs that can help technicians and asset custodians understand the various optimisation parameters that will aid in decision-making as to when to refurbish a machine to maximize ROI.

What if scenarios
Executing simulations (including what-if scenarios) to compare alternative refurbishment scenarios, in terms of their impact on productivity. What-if scenarios can be also used to compare purchasing against refurbishing scenarios.

By and large, refurbishment can – under certain conditions – provide a compelling alternative to purchasing new equipment.

IT Equipment Refurbishment For Donation

Some organisations choose to donate old or troublesome IT equipment as part of their Corporate Social Investment (CSI). Given South Africa’s socio-economic state, this sustainable option goes a long way. Digi-clean along with its Not-for- profit partners, supports clients by developing programmes that ensure that the donated equipment reach sectors of our society that need them the most, for example schools in rural areas. Donor organisations can claim BBB-EE points as well as benefit from tax rebates from this option, whilst simultaneously giving back to society.

Asset Disposal Service
Data Destruction

Our process ensures that all data contained within is rendered completely irretrievable.

Disposal and Recycling

All devices unsuitable for re-use are scrapped in a secure and environmentally responsible manner. Our processes comply with all e-waste regulations


Uninstalling and removing assets from the network; creating inventory databases and safe storage at designated centres.

Reverse Logistics

All equipment can be collected and transferred to a secure facility for re-selling and recycling