Prevention is better than cure – especially when it comes to preserving your digital assets.

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To enhance the lifespan of your digital capital, it’s important to  proactively manage data centre or server room cleaning. At Digi-clean, we want to leave the world – and your digital workplace – better than before, with digital cleaning services aligned to global best practice.

Data centres are designed to host the sensitive IT equipment at the heart of an organisation’s infrastructure. It’s the pulse point of your capability, and any unscheduled downtime has the potential to not only cause major disruption to your company’s systems and operations, but can lead to significant revenue loss. It’s therefore vital to maximise availability, minimise downtime, and avoid the risk of invalidating hardware warranties – by making data centre cleaning a must for any conscientious organisation.

Contamination within data centres builds up from internal and external sources. Left unchecked, contamination will, at best, cause equipment to retain heat and, at worse, cause equipment to fail entirely. In addition, power demands will increase as hardware needs to work harder to keep the environment cool – and this is a key concern within the data centre environment.

Digi-clean takes an extensive approach to its data centre cleaning services, which include cleaning of the subfloor void, floor-surface buffing, and cleaning of the equipment surface, to provide a thorough preventive maintenance programme for your computer room, and to ensure that ISO 14644-1 Machine Room standards are met, in line with hardware manufacturer warranties.

If data centre cleaning has never been undertaken in your facility, an initial service site preparation may need to be performed. This will include a data centre cleaning of the subfloor void, floor and equipment surfaces, as well as the pedestal and stringer substructure, to ensure that your data centre is as dust- and contamination-free as possible.

Digi-clean uses only the most advanced and appropriate equipment available. As part of the cleaning process, equipment surfaces are cleaned using tack cloths with highly interwoven fibres, and, where applicable, vacuumed using three-stage HEPA-filtered vacuums. In addition, the surface of the floor panels is cleaned using specialised anti-static equipment and solutions.

Most hardware manufacturers, including Cisco, IBM and HP, recommend that the subfloor void  be cleaned twice annually by a professional cleaning service, especially if air flow is being directed through the floor void.

Digi-clean has the highly trained personnel, professional equipment and proven track record to get the job done, on point and on time. And, on top of that, our specially trained teams provide disaster recovery cleaning services with a 24-hour turnaround if needed, for refrigeration unit leaks, water leaks, flooding, fire, smoke or any other emergency.

With Digi-clean’s dedicated teams and attention to detail, downtime and damage will be a thing of the past.

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